The Locust

The Locust/Anti Records/Epitaph Records/Kings Road Merch
I was asked to work on this before they went with the designer of their early albums, who also worked for the company that put out their earlier records. At the time I was working on it the album had yet to receive a title, the title they ended up choosing was “Molecular Genetics From The Gold Standard Labs”. The album is a compilation of remastered tracks from all their releases on GSL records. When working on this artwork I figured that by remastering their sound, their old songs would sound more like their current work. So I thought I would do the same thing, I would take their old artwork and stylize it to make it look like their current album art.

After the release of the album i was asked to do some t-shirt designs, so I worked off my original concepts of the album art for the t-shirts. Also designed the background image for the merch page. to see the album cover they chose and for locust merch follow the link below.